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Does the Truth care who goes to Washington D.C.?

Yes... Let me ask you an important question if you could boil all elections down to one issue,

What would that one issue be? Our answer is easy it would come down to the Truth. 

Did you see what I did there? When is the last time you heard the Truth consistently come out of Politicians mouths? 

I've asked pastors I know who they were going to endorse for President and they gave me a similar answer. It goes something like this, "The only candidate I would endorse is Jesus and He's not running."

I thought about that and I looked at the Republican and Democratic platforms and I believe I can endorse the candidate who speaks the Truth much more than the other candidate running

I watched a video by Pastor Robert Morris with Gateway Church in Texas and I believe he is saying the same thing. If you have ears to listen, "hear" what the Spirit is saying.

I'm going on the record to say I'm going to vote for a candidate and a platform who honors and believes in God and speaks the Truth and has a legitimate chance to win. I understand no one running is perfect but it is my personal responsibility to vote for the best possible candidate.

The candidate I'm endorsing is Donald Trump.


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