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Attention Christians: Use the word of God to fulfill the Great Commission!

Free Unlimited Christian Tracts plus Prayer Wear and Share Training

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Christian Podcaster (No Doubt No Fear Only Believe) and Jesus "Fanatic," Greg Ryan, created this free online course and downloadable PDF to give you access to unlimited Christian tracts to help you fulfill the Great Commission. Prayer, Wear, and Share explained, and other cool "bonuses" added in because it's better to give! :-)

Free Christian Witnessing Course

Free Christian training called Prayer, Wear, and Share. Learn how to use your closes to share God's love.

Free Christian Tracts (Downloadable PDF)

Free Downloadable PDF of the Christian Tracts that comes with every 12:11 Apparel purchase. (You will need a printer.)

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Live the Word and Destroy Your Fear!

Wearing any item of 12:11 Apparel will help you become a doer of the word and not a hearer only.

12:11 Apparel will help you destroy fear and kick satan's teeth out (in Jesus' name :)


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  • Learn more about Greg

    Greg has a Christian podcast where he wants to encourage, empower and inspire the body of Christ. He calls it No Doubt No Fear Only Believe. Click her to check it out!

    No Doubt No Fear Only Believe 

    Love it, or receive a full refund on all purchases.

Why 12:11 Apparel?

We want to help you fulfill the Great Commission.

You have to wear clothes every day.

Why not have a shirt you could wear to start a conversation about God?

Jesus gave you and me a job to do while He was gone.

Jesus gave His disciples the Great Commission before He ascended to heaven. (Matthew 28:18-20 and Mark 16:15-20)

Bible-based clothing line. (The most power clothing line in the world)

Yes, we believe the Bible is the inspired word of God, and we use the word of God to help you seek and save the lost.

Greg knows the word of God is the most powerful force on earth, and because our entire business model is Bible-based and designed to give God glory.

We believe that makes us a powerful weapon in the hand of God.

What is Prayer, Wear, and Share?

Greg came up with Prayer, Wear, and Share when his church family saw his shirt.

They loved the idea but didn't think they could witness to their friends and family, so Greg created an easy method based on the Bible.

He gives you free training and includes a Christian tract with every purchase. (In case you don't know what to say :)